Heated Wetsuit Reviews

Heated Wetsuit Reviews


Author: Dave Buist


My name is Dave Buist, and I was born and raised in Tom's River, NJ.  I LOVE to surf, scuba, and spearfish as much as possible.  When winter comes around, I try not to let cold weather or cold water get in my way of catching an overhead glassy wave or shooting some sushi for dinner.  I've always been dedicated to staying in the surf year round, so naturally wetsuits have been a big part of my  life for a long time.


Living in New Jersey, we surf almost year-round in wetsuits.  There is a short break in the summer where board shorts are possible, but it doesn't last very long, especially if you are surfing a lot of dawn patrol sessions.  Over the course of the last two decades, I've managed to try many wetsuits, each year a new a warmer technology coming out.  I've read all the reviews, put in a review or two myself, and have always been interested in finding a warmer wetsuit or the warmest wetsuit combination that would keep me out in the cold water longer.  Many of the best waves on the East Coast are found during the winter, not to mention the lineup is a lot thinner in the winter.
If you're at this site, I'm sure you've already heard of the new battery heated wetsuit and wetsuit vest technology advancements.  Battery Heated Wetsuits are definitely the next big idea in the wetsuit industry.  The idea is that a wetsuit no longer needs to simply insulate your current body heat, but a wetsuit should also support you and generate heat by itself.  There are two main types of heated wetsuits, battery heated wetsuits, and chemical heated wetsuits.  Over the course of 2011, I was able to get my  hands on the top three heated wetsuit vests on the market.  It wanted to set up a website with an honest review of all these heated wetsuit vests.  I wanted to find out if they work, how well they work, and wanted to pass that information onto you all.  Enjoy the page.  I hope my findings can help you in your quest to stay warm this winter! 



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